The Singing Contractors

The Singing Contractors...a TV show where Duck Dynasty, Fixer Upper, Chopped, Tool Time, and The Voice all collide...

Welcome to the new series featuring the DIY adventures of 2 song-singing, table-sawing, hammer-swingin', beam-lifting, dry-walling Joe’s with big beards that filter out the flat notes… but neither of them are named Joe!

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Pilot EpisodeA Toolbox on Wheels and A Rocky Mountain Hoorah

Contractors Josh Arnett and Aaron Grey are hired to build a “toolbox on wheels” for their friend Steve to help solve his problem of “tool hauling” in the Indiana backcountry. After a quick, collaborative brainstorm on the design concept, Josh and Aaron pull out the ATV’s, the tools, the grill, the singing voices… and off to work they go.

Josh and Aaron construct the “toolbox on wheels” in their backyard barn tool shop and then get an itch to embark on an adventurous cross-country road trip from the cornfields of Indiana to the Rocky Mountains of central Idaho. Along their journey, they put the “toolbox on wheels” to the ultimate test. One week later, they return home to Indiana, add a few extra seasonings and custom touches, and then reveal their masterpiece to Steve. 

Another job completed and another problem solved for The Singing Contractors.

Meet the Singing Contractors

Contractors by day, Singers by night


The Singing Contractors, comprised of Indiana natives Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett, are contractors by day (and yes, they really are contractors!) and singers by night.  A video of the duo singing at a job site went viral with fans, who then named them “The Singing Contractors.” Now, with well over 100 MILLION views of their jobsite a capella performance videos, The Singing Contractors haven’t looked back.

The Singing Contractors

Three albums later, their debut CD/DVD landed at #1 on the Billboard charts supported by national TV appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Good Morning America, and Fox & Friends! The Singing Contractors are now touring and bringing their "jobsite" to theaters across the country.

Josh and Aaron met each other on the jobsite fixing drywall. “And that’s how this all started,” says Arnett, “we’d get on a job site and we’d be alone in the house and we’d strike up a tune. 

"Then one day Aaron said, ‘Hey man, we need to record this on video and put it on Facebook.’  We did it for fun. We did it joking around, but people would write messages and say, ‘Hey we want to hear more from the Singing Contractors,' That’s how we got our name… and it stuck!”

Aaron Gray

Aaron Gray

Josh Arnett

Josh Arnett

The Singing Contractors with mic


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Additional Episode Ideas

Man Camp

The Singing Contractors have been invited by Man Camp to build an outdoor grill for their primitive camping retreat…and to lead a 100-person bonfire sing-along with their powerful voices. These grills need to be mobile and work off-the-grid, and The Singing Contractors are more than happy to take on the challenge.

Lions and Tigers and Contractors, Oh My!

The Singing Contractors take on their most unique clients yet…this time at the zoo! They’re helping to renovate a few exhibits and to give these animals some new forms of enrichment. They’ll also get to meet some of these “clients” up close and personal…oh my!

Dirt Bike Chariot

When your ATV or dirt bike is just a little too boring, build a chariot to drag behind it! The Singing Contractors are building their “Dirt Bike Chariot," and they’re bringing it to the races to be the most unique pace car you’ve seen yet. After they belt out their a cappella rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to thousands of attendees, they’ll also get to jump in and see how it feels to race at hundreds of miles an hour!

Dolly Parton and the Imagination Library

Dolly Parton is putting The Singing Contractors to work! Her philanthropic work knows no bounds, and she’s invited The Singing Contractors to build a “very different version of a Library” for her Imagination Library. Watch as the Contractors collaborate with children and families…not just on the Library build-out, but also on a concert at Dollywood.

Fight Fire with Fire, Contractor Style!

The Singing Contractors can pretty much build anything and this time around they’ve got their eyes set on a custom flamethrower! They team up with a local Missoula, MT fire department not only to build a fully-functional flamethrower, but to put it to the test (and to put the fire out)! What happens when the Contractors sing their version of “Let It Go” (from Disney’s hit movie Frozen) at the fire hall?

Adult Playground/Jungle Gym

The Singing Contractors are young at heart, and they’re proving it by building their very own adult-sized playground! They’ll bring to life some of their favorite pieces of playground equipment, and design some equipment that you’ve never seen! Tag along as they sing their way through the construction process.

Holiday Parade Float

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than going to see a holiday parade with your friends and family. Well, nothing better except making your own float and performing in the parade! The Singing Contractors are designing and building their very own float to take part in a holiday parade, and they’re bringing some tools, some music, and a ton of Christmas cheer!

Musical Theater

The Singing Contractors are starring in a musical! …Alright that’s an exaggeration, but they’re joining a theater troupe to help build an elaborate set for their next musical production. Rehearsals are already underway, and The Singing Contractors have also been invited to learn the big closing number!



Producer: Zac Koffler
APEX Entertainment